Reading Options

You are the boss when it comes to readings with me. I can be all over the board for you, dealing with whatever needs to be dealt with, or I can laser beam on a single issue. You tell me what you want and I will happily do my best for you. Remember, sometimes issues are going to jump out and demand attention. Some things that we feel are minor end up being major. I pay attention to the issues that shout at me because it is in your best interest.

Once in a while, in the middle of a reading, someone will step forward to give a message. I had a Chinese grandma step up and start shouting at me until I told her grandson what she wanted me to. Spirits can be bossy as well as entertaining. Sometimes I will reach for one who is passed and come up with a different spirit. They can choose to avoid contact. If you want me try to reach a deceased loved one, please understand they can be “off line” just like we can. If the death was very recent and either sudden (accidental) or violent it can be quite a while before they are able to communicate with us. Just as we have free will here, we have it on the other side as well, so there are never guarantees that I can reach a specific spirit, but I will give it my all.

I am pretty skilled at pet readings. I am good with cats, dogs, horses, and (believe it or not) rats. The fur/feathered babies and I understand each other. I can read parrots too. If you have a pet issue, let’s get to the bottom of it together!

During a standard tarot reading, I use everything at my disposal for you. I begin with the cards and expand, if need be, into pendulum and information from my spirit guides. I pull out all the stops. I want to find the answers you seek.

I want your reading to be the best you’ve ever had. Be honest with me and be open about situations, and I will be able to do my best work for you. If you lie or try to avoid situations that are key, they will show up, so just open your heart to me and together we will make this the most helpful, accurate and empowering reading you’ve ever had.


Types of readings I offer:

celtic cross



Regular tarot celtic cross spread (standard tarot deck)






Minchiate spreads (a larger, more detailed 97-card deck)






Winds and Changes (This is a great reading to help with decision-making. It deals with cycles and visions. This deck is no longer produced. It’s not tarot.)



Pendulum readings (quick yes and no answers)