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Angel Kisses

One morning, I got up in a dark mood. Life was stomping all over me and I felt I couldn’t take much more. Yeah. I have bad days too… who doesn’t. Anyway… I made my toast and opened the new peanut butter jar and here it was

happy peanut butter jar My peanut butter was smiling at me! I stood for a moment and felt the laughter bubbling up. I had gotten so involved in the drama around me that I forgot I was not alone. I was so very loved.

We all get too busy in life. We fight our personal dragons and struggle up our Mt Everests. We wear ourselves out swimming against the current or walking into the wind. And we forget. You are never alone. And you are so very, very loved.

If you slow down and become aware. Lay your disbelief aside. Let your childlike innocence open its eyes and look around… you will be given angel kisses.

smheart The pebble that you kick might be a heart. Everywhere you turn, a kiss could be waiting. A tiny sign from Creator and your angels that you are not alone. That you are precious just as you are.

It could come as a cool breeze when the sun is too hot and you are too tired. It might be birdsong that bubbles in your ears when you are sad. It could be a single ray of sunshine piercing the heavy clouds before you or a song that comes over the radio, out of the blue, speaking directly to your pain.

The simplest messages are often the most profound. One winter, life had been very difficult, finances were bad, my son’s were having problems in their lives, everything seemed to be unraveling and I was at one of my lowest points. We got snow. Snow is very rare here and this one was a good 3 inches! I was lifted by the snow but still sad and feeling down. I went outside to feed the dogs and stray cats, and there was a message waiting for me… a puddle where the snow had melted. My dog had dug a hole and the snow water had filled it up… a perfect heart in the ground.


Angel kisses are there for you. You only have to pay attention. They are everywhere because… you are so VERY, VERY loved.

Here is a challenge! See how many angel kisses or messages from Spirit you are given in a week. Tell me about them! I love to hear these stories!